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Picking System uses AGV to realize “Goods to Man” picking method. Workers can complete the standardized picking process at the workstation without moving around, which greatly improves working efficiency and reduces operating and management costs.


E-commerce/Retail, 3PL, Shoes & Garment, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Industry, Manufacturing, etc.

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Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase

Multiple Business Forms

Reduce picking workers and training time, standardize on-site operation, and improve efficiency and accuracy.

Support 2B, 2C, bonded warehouse and other business forms to adapt to various storage scenarios

AI Management

Real-time dashboard monitoring, auto-alarming, daily/weekly/monthly BI report, and AI assisted warehouse management.

Flexible Solution

Zone-by-Zone implementation with no system interruption, flexible expansion and transfer to better respond to market demands and business changes.

Precise Stock Management

Batch and validity management, multiple serial number management for high value goods ensuring all logistics data traceable.

AGV Recommended

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