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Our vision-navigated pallet forklift AGV uses original visual navigation technology so that its introduction does not require environmental modification, e.g. installation of reflectors or magnetic strips. The AGVS coordination system enables multi vehicle scheduling, traffic control, docking with customer systems amongst many other functions. The system ensures system safety and effective information management via its reliable obstacle avoidance functions, fault detection ability, and user friendly man machine interfaces. The vision-navigated pallet forklift AGV is the most advanced product in the area in terms of operation efficiency, accuracy and reliability as demonstrated by its technical specifications: maximum loading capacity of 2T, maximum running speed of 2m/s and the ability of non stop rotation, parking accuracy of ±10mm, and one key switching between automatic/manual mode.



  • Application Scope: Suitable for short, medium, and long distance transport of goods in warehouses, factories, etc

  • Product Features: High efficiency, High precision, High stability, High price performance ratio, High flexibility and expansibility

  • Product Functions: Goods transport, Material testing, Safety and obstacle avoidance, Fault self inspection

  • Benefits to Customers: Minimum changes of the environment; short introduction period; high price performance ratio; suitable for the complex application environments; strong extensibility

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