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The increasing popularity of Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGVs) is based on the adaptability of the technology by removing any hassle of adjusting physical barriers. BPS Global is the authorized dealer of AGV. They are a perfect way to automate facilities in most industries, especially for repetitive and/or dangerous tasks, and are safer to use than traditional forklifts.

The operating principle based on the following three criteria,

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1. Goods-to-Person:

Operators stay in the fixed picking station, robots carry the target shelf to the station automatically.

2. Picking Robots:

Goods are stored in the movable shelves, and robots identify and transport the assigned shelves.
3. Backstage Control System:

Dynamic optimization of storage location, robot scheduling, and order processing, make the warehouse a self-adaptive system.

These autonomous systems include picking systems, moving systems and sorting systems. AGV provides clients with benefits of a high return on investment, better space utilization with multi-directional movement, and flexible navigation.

Different Models

Picking System.jpg
Picking System
Moving System.jpg
Moving System
Sorting System.jpg
Sorting System
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