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Moving System is an AGV-based automation system, which meets the needs of various scenarios with different loading components. It can efficiently complete the loading and unloading of materials between different production lines and moving between floors and between zones.


Automotive/Spare Parts, Electronics, Shoes & Garment, Pharmaceutical Industry, New Energy, Food & Beverage, etc.

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More Stable

The system is stable and reliable with real-time backup, capable to handle various emergencies.

More Secure

Multiple security solutions with hardware and software collaboration to minimize on-site risks.

More Flexible

Flexible implementation, expansion and maintenance with no system interruption, which minimize the impact on the production line.

More Efficient

High positioning accuracy to support fast and precise docking with multiple equipment/production lines.


Support cross-zone/cross-floor scheduling, with lift interaction and production line interactive.

AGV Recommended

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